The importance of creating a supportive environment for your employees

As an owner of a business you are often forced to be an operational manager and prioritize the daily needs of the company in terms of finance and delivery. It is therefore easy to overlook the people that you work with and instead focus on the spreadsheets and invoices. However, if you really want to excel as a manager, and as a business, then it is imperative that you take the time to support your staff and make them feel well cared for and appreciated.

After all, your staff are the face of your business, they are the front line when it comes to clients and they could really make the difference between a successful year or in the worse case scenario, bankruptcy. Each small decision made by your staff impacts the whole business more than you might realise. If your staff feel happy and supported then you will see your company flourish more than ever before.

Here are a few things to consider to encourage a supportive atmosphere for your employees

Perks of the job
Hopefully you already have a whole host of benefits for your staff. These could range from a simple staff discount to monthly celebrations or even team away days. However, it is always a good idea to frequently provide an unexpected benefit to boost team morale. This could take the form of a whole family day at a local park where you provide food and entertainment, or could even be in the format of a small team city break. Whatever you decide on, the surprise benefit will delight your staff and keep them loyal to your business.

Invest in your staff’s development
You should want your staff to stay with your company for as long as possible, since you have invested the time in training them up and getting them on board. For that reason you should take the opportunity to invest in their personal development and investigate how you as a business can help them to achieve their professional goals. This is a very important stage in ensuring your staff feel supported and valued.

Increase their pay!
Obviously, financial motivation is incredibly important for most employees and pay rises are a great way of supporting your staff. However, there are also many ways to improve your staff’s finances without deducting from your own business’s profits. Encourage and support your staff to look into schemes such as loan forgiveness (for student debt) or tax rebates. If you provide your staff with the time and tools needed to improve their own finances any improvement in their income will reflect brilliantly upon you as an employer.

360 degree feedback
You should already be having regular catch ups with your staff to check in on their performance but why not introduce the idea of a 360 degree review of your own management of them. This allows your staff to reflect upon your own skills as a manager and could lead to fixing any small (or big) issues that they have at work.

Do you have any other tips to help your employees feel secure and supported at work? Get in touch and let us know!