Going into business for the first time can be an exciting but also a daunting prospect.  Exciting because for you are in control of your own financial destiny at last – and daunting for precisely the same reason!  When you run your own business there’s no company pay cheque at the end of the week – if you haven’t made any money then the family don’t get fed.

It is a liberating feeling too.  You get to choose your own hours of work, and unlike in the office or on the factory floor harder work is rewarded.  Nobody stands behind you and no longer are you required to carry your lazy colleague.  For better or for worse, you are on your own.

But for the ambitious business is not just about survival, it is about growth.  If you are content to scrape an income at the end of each week then that is all you will ever do.  You need to have the hunger to succeed, the determination to climb.  The sky is truly the limit, but everybody else is reaching for it too.  Some sound advice or even the slightest of helping hands can make the world of difference, maybe the difference between achievement and failure.  If you want to be a success in business, it is imperative that you seize every little advantage which is offered.

Help Me to Build This Blog

I can already boast 2,000-2,500 visitors each week, and the business press is starting to sit up and take notice.  If you contribute an article these are your audience too.  You will probably want to link back to your own site and provided it is discreet and contextual I have absolutely no problem with that.  Supply me with the content, and provide yourself with a good quality backlink at the same time.  Or you can provide it anonymously if you prefer.

Generally I look for articles in the region of about 700 words.  So long as they are well-written and on-topic I will publish them unaltered, save for any typos, errors or obvious inaccuracies.  You should look upon my blog as an opportunity to put your work into the shop window.  And of course, the more articles you contribute the more knock-on hits your own website will receive from my army of visitors.

What I am Looking For

It isn’t for me to tell you what you should be writing about, but if you are looking for inspiration why not choose one of the following subject headings?  These are just a few ideas, but the potential is limitless:

  • Knowing your tax allowances and obligations
  • What is the best accounting software?
  • Marketing your service or product
  • Social media as a business tool
  • Keeping abreast of legislation
  • Recognising your niche
  • Price versus quality – where do I pitch my service?
  • Understanding exchange rate fluctuations and how they affect my business
  • Is the market saturated?  Assessing your competition