About BP

Aside from wanting to generate enough income to pay the bills, the objective of most small business owners is to become the owners of businesses which are progressively less small.  Whilst the potential for any business to grow is technically limitless, so too is the number of players in the market.  Competition is the driver of enterprise, but moving up the ladder is about evaluating the competition and either besting it or broadening the market to create the space for our own product or service to move into.

What We Do

BusinessPercentage.com is a small family enterprise, centred around a blog which aims to use our success as a platform from which to help others to develop their own businesses and to generate more success.  By pooling our individual talents we have been able to create something much bigger than the sum total of its parts, and we are eager to share that information and the benefit of our considerable experience.

Who We Are

My name is Samantha Cadel and my father Benjamin is the CEO of the company whilst his brother (my uncle) Thomas is Financial Director.  I started out with the business when I was just fifteen – I was doing it simply as work experience then but I have gone on to manage the blog, which keeps our large and growing readership informed of all our work and gives useful advice and tips to new entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow.

What We Believe

Business is by its nature competitive, but it doesn’t have to be cut-throat.  There is honour within the enterprise community and I have no qualms about sharing the secrets of our success with others who would like to step up and claim their own small slice of what is to all intents and purposes and infinite cake.  And judging by the fact that some of the top business magazines have begun to recognise our efforts, not just in our own field but as general purveyors of entrepreneurial wisdom, it seems there is a willing market for the information that we gladly impart.

What We Want to Achieve

Our aim, through this blog, is to help new business to establish itself by identifying and pointing a way around some of the pitfalls, and to encourage existing small business to grow.  There is a lot that can be learned by looking to those who have been in operation a little longer, or who have ascended to another level, and understanding if not mimicking.

Your Input is Valued

We don’t pretend to be the fount of all wisdom when it comes to business, or the eternal keepers of the last word.  Even we are still learning, and as well as picking up tips from us we would hope users of this site would provide some helpful ideas and intelligence to one another.  This is why we encourage blog users to contribute material of their own, creating for themselves and for other visitors a truly interactive and mutually beneficial experience.